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Name:Mrs. melania ikawiranti [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Mobile Number:+6285747135654
Phone Number:085747135654
Address:pasar baru - jakarta pusat
jakarta 10710, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Feb. 28, 2013
Last Updated:Mar. 07, 2013
Business Nature:Trade of Home Supplies category

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Bedsheet Waterproof ( Mattress Protector) is a mattress protector. Made from imported materials that meet the criteria of a quality mattress protector.
This product is needed by every family that has a baby or child who is still wet and the price is quite affordable.
The advantages are:

* Waterproof, so it can protect the mattress from ompol babies, parents should be lying in bed, or water spills. Hal2 mentioned above in addition to causing the smell will also leave a brown stain on the mattress that can not be lost.

* Serves double, to protect the mattress from dust and mites. Dust is one of the many allergens that we encounter in anak2 or adults. The bottom layer of waterproof sheets can prevent dust from entering into the mattress. And its tightly closed throughout the upper layers of the mattress and the side of the mattress to make ticks ( mites) lipatan2 difficult to nest in mattresses.

* Conveniently, the material is soft and not hot. We use a soft material so it is comfortable to wear, no noise when there is movement and did not cause a heating effect on the body.

* Neat, with rubber at each corner.
With a height of 27 - 30cm and rubber at all four corners make very neatly stuck in bed and not move anywhere.

* Easy maintenance. If soiled, simply soaked for 15 minutes in cold water and use soap sparingly. Do not let alone brushed inner layer, dikucek only slowly in the dirty parts. If you' ve rinsed, hanged & diangin enough wind-only ( not basking in direct sunlight) .
Do not use the washing machine, bleach, or dry clean for chemical substances can damage the lining Mattress Protector.

HOLD SPREI OMPOL to protect spring tiba2 if your child wets pee in his sleep alias ...
so no need to worry or bother ganti2 sheet again if the little one to learn toilet training potty excessive sleep time again ... pakein live this bed linen and mattress wrote us safe from ompolnya ... ^ ^

- Made of quality materials, imported.
- Wear rubber on four sides so it does not move when anak2 play on it.
- No heat.
- Comfortable, not slippery when fucked, unlike many perlak2 baby is sold in baby stores.

The size of the available ( not include pillowcases and bolster)

In addition to the above benefits earlier Waterproof Sheet is also very protective of the spring bed spilled milk, menstrual effluent, spill food / drinks.
Suitable also for hospitals, dormitories, hotels and of course our house.
Wants * * pillow / bolster can special order.
1pcs bed linen weighs almost 1kg.

Price according to size sheets Waterproof " PLAIN "
Plain size:
200 x 200: Rp. 190 000
180 x 200: Rp. 180 000
160 x 200: Rp. 170 000
120 x 200: Rp. 160 000
100 x 200: Rp. 155 000
90 x 200: Rp. 150 000

Price according to size sheets Waterproof " patterned "
200 x 200: Rp. 210 000
180 x 200: Rp. 200 000
160 x 200: Rp. 190 000
120 x 200: Rp. 180 000
100 x 200: Rp. 170 000
90 x 200: Rp. 160 000
You want to be a Reseller / Dropshipper?
It' s easy, simply purchase the product Bedsheet Waterproof / Sheet 3pcs Anti Air minimal ecer price, then you can just get the reseller price and for Resellers / Waterproof Sheet Dropshiper be more sista Call / SMS to:



or ADD BB PIN 2676F142

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